Sunday, August 9, 2015

Trump and FOX News

I watched both debates on Thursday (8/6/15).  By selecting a top tier of 10 candidates for its main show, even if for practical necessity, Fox News also declared itself as the king maker of Republican politics. But it had to do one more thing to be a credible king maker: bring down Trump as the top candidate, whom no establishment Republican wanted to see as the leader. Someone had to take the wind of Trump’s sails. So Roger Ailes hand-picked Megan Kelly to achieve this.  Her first question was fair enough and Trump answered as (probably) expected. That question could have been asked by any of the 3 moderators. Rather, it was intended merely to introduce Kelly as the innocuous inquisitor, then as the trap setter.  The second question about women was the real trap.  That one would be most effective if asked by Kelly, especially if Trump jumped into it.  So before the debate even began, Trump was sanitized.  I just wonder what Roger Ailes or Megan Kelly would have done if, as I would have, Trump replied to the second question with something like “Megan, my love, are you worried I will not treat you right if you asked me for a date?” Such an answer would have made Trump’s day, caused  raucous laughter, and trapped FOX in its own trap . . . no longer a king maker, which a cable network news should never be . . . but in America.  That was the real shame of the debate, as I see it.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

About Trophy Hunting

Times-Union newspaper (of Jacksonville, FL) asked for my opinion about trophy hunting; I replied with the following:

Killing of defenseless animals for trophy is called sport, the animal to be killed game, and the person who does the killing is known under the romantic and adventuresome label as hunter.  When the society at large begins to judge the event as what it really is, "(deliberate) dry-gulching, of (hapless) victim, by (maniacal) killer," then some of the confusion and undeserved glory might dissipate.  As with elephant tusks and rhino horns, any activity involving any animal trophy should be categorically outlawed, as also all trophy hunting, ditto any safari club that allows this.

Sirman Celayir

Friday, January 23, 2015

King Abdullah: Eat the Wrong Food, Don’t Exercise, Be Overweight, Live to 90

One significant lesson from King Abdullah’s life is in that he is a poster-boy example of what the title here says.  Of all the cultures, especially the well-off Saudis inherently avoid any menial work, shun any and all robotic exercise routine.  And their diet includes all the wrong elements: lots of bread, lamb dishes, fatty and rich food with lots of cholesterol content.  Yet this man, who was overweight for most of his life, lived 90 years in an environment of abundant stress—he ran his country for the last 20 years—and without any hint of dementia.  In contrast, Emil Zatopek, the Czech long-distance runner and Olympic gold medalist, who presumably exercised strenuously most of his early life and maintained the right diet for his generation—same as King Abdullah’s--lived to age 78; Jim Thorpe, the all-around athlete from a slightly earlier generation lived only to age 65.  They did this in an environment that qualifies as “more advanced.”

No one who listened to the King’s death on Jan. 22 probably thought of the above-referenced connection.  Consider the promotional hype on American TV and news media, the incessant medical advice by medical professionals, nutritionists, dieticians and exercise freaks . . . all those athletic clubs, exercise equipment . . . tri-athletes, runners and swimmers in USA about all the supposed ingredients of a long life.  The lesson here: you’ll live as long as your luck holds out and as long as your genetic make-up allows.  I include in my example also my mother who died on Sep. 9, 2014 at age 97 in an admirable mental state, having never exercised, having eaten most of the wrong food, being a bit overweight for most of her adult life, and having lived through several very difficult cycles.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Israel, American Jews, and the USA

I sent the following letter to The American Conservative magazine on Nov. 29, 2014

Israel, American Jews, and the USA

Scott McConnell's conclusion in "The Right's Israel Turn" (TAC July/Aug 2014) that "The clampdown signaled by the campaigns against Sobran and Buchanan probably couldn't be carried out today . . ." sounds like wishful thinking.  Foremost, if he is right, this is only because there is no need for it, for no one of fame is left in USA government, media and academia who can effectively criticize Israel and/or AIPEC and survive professionally.  I don't know of Sobran.  As far as Buchanan, his views of Israel are the only topic in which I agreed with him completely.  Today, write anything against Israel in any paper and there will be replies from local Jews either labeling the writer as "anti-Semitic" or counter his/her content with selective reasoning.  I once wrote to Miami Herald why the editors always mentioned Israel as the only democracy in the Mid-East and the greatest friend of America, when Turkey with ten times the population, also a democracy, has been a NATO ally and friend since the days of the Korean War, and at much less cost to the USA.  Within days there was a response from a Jewish lady in the paper.  And she found and called me, vehemently complaining why I was so anti-Jew when the Jewish populations everywhere produced such superlative people—as usual, Einstein was mentioned by name--in every field.  Half-a-dozen letters and calls from others followed.  I noticed similar responses in the papers when I lived in San Diego, Los Angeles, New York and Washington, D.C.  (These kinds of thoughtless comments, and American positions taken against Turkey on account of “Armenian Genocide” invented and propagated by Armenian-Americans, should enlighten the Americans as to how and why the Turks are no longer as solidly pro-USA as they used to be.) 

Samuel Goldman gives a hint of what's happening behind the scenes in his "What Would Jeremiah Do?" (TAC, same issue).  Jewish power players in USA may be following God's directive to the Judeans through Jeremiah dating back to the Babylonian captivity," that the exiles should flourish and multiply and blend into society in which they are exiled, without truly assimilating.  On every issue except Israel, the Jews are probably among the most pro-American ethnic groups in USA, for only a prosperous and powerful USA, under pressure, can guarantee the flow of $3 billion annual official aid to Israel and fight endless wars in the Mid-East supposedly against "terrorism," which, in essence, is any potential threat to Israel's security, even if Israel is the instigator--building and expanding settlements, blocking any and all attempts to two-state solution, treating the Arabs as less than human.  (OK, of course I am not including all American Jews in my view, but frankly, I am not sure whom to include and whom not to include; for sure, AIPAC and its supporters are included.)  Everyone knows this, but no one in this big and powerful USA, supposedly with free press and honest debates, can do anything about it.  The world has known this for much longer, why America--not Americans, who are viewed as too naive, if not stupid, and too self-possessed to care about the nuances of intricate affairs--is now among the most hated countries in the world, when it was the most admired country in 1950s--even by my class mates at the gymnasium in Germany. To put it bluntly, the Jews, through AIPAC, have the USA by the balls.  All they have to do is squeeze their hand periodically and have Uncle Sam scream uncle and do their bidding. Other American Gentiles do their bidding for dubious religious beliefs.

Albeit, one wonders what the Forefathers would think of their meticulous creation reduced to the strongest puppet on the planet on this one issue. Their biggest mistake may have been in that they could not anticipate distant American leaders as so much less than themselves, not citizen statesmen with impeccable credentials but fearful and purchasable professional politicians.  Though I normally vote for Democrats, I would vote for Ron Paul just on this one issue.  God help the USA.

Sirman Celayir
Fernandina, Florida


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sirman's Book published on Amazon

My book, “Celayirs, Diary of an Immigrant Family,” has been published by Amazon and it will be marketed as book (around $20 + S&H) and as Kindle eBook ($4) worldwide, including libraries and universities. The book offers a very comprehensive coverage of all aspects of assimilation, including initial alienation and hurdles encountered, to a new culture, especially the American culture. In addition to our epic experience, there are a number of captivating stories and anecdotes, some probably worthy of a good movie. You will find my discussion of religion, any religion, the most commonsensical discussion of that topic there is. And there are several interesting appendices on various topics, including one about the ethnic Laz people and their language of the Eastern Black Sea of Turkey. In addition to the 79 pages of photos in 4 albums, I have also embedded 100 or so photos into the narrative of Volume 2, so that as you read about a name, there will be a person looking at you. This is an attractive, substantive and hefty book that will enhance and enrich any library, one that should appeal especially to immigrants. See the books at the link below.
Go to and search for Sirman Celayir

Belinda's book of poetry published by Amazon

Belinda's poetry has been published as a 91-page book by Amazon, the electronic Kindle version is now being prepared, though, of course, the book version is much more attractive. Go to and search for Belinda Celayir. Enjoy . . .

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Anne (Mother) Dies at 10:40pm on Sep. 9, 2014

May 14, 2014 :Wednesday
          :Femsi came on 5/10/Sa for Mother's Day (5/11), and then took Anne with
          :her to WV on 5/14/We, supposedly for a month, after which Anne was
          :to fly with Gigi & and Cavit to Calif. on 7/1 via AA 75, return on 8/11 via
          :AA 76 to WV, then to here.  On 6/3 I made her reservation, which did not go
          :thru (an omen), which I renewed for $607 on 6/4, Femsi's 70th BD.  Just
          :a few hours later, Femsi called to tell me that she took Anne to the
          :hospital because she could not breathe well, that the doctors diagnosed
          :this as congestive heart failure, which caused fluid in the lungs, like COPD.
          :In short, Anne may never again return to me, may have to stay with Femsi,
          :a major turning point in my life, with Belinda eventually moving in with me,
          :a change in finances, etc.
July 21, 2014 :Monday
          : At about 11am today Femsi was told that the biopsy results have shown
          :that Anne has cancer in her right triceps, spread from somewhere else
          :in her body.  Since there is no treatment for her at her age, they will only
          :comfort her thru drugs.  Femsi did not ask how long she has.  In view of
          :this, they will also not treat her sugar.  Her ailments began on June 4, 2014;
          :see the 5/14/2014 note on the details.
Aug 21, 2014 :Thursday
          :Left for WV tonight, driving thru the night, to see Anne.  I stayed to
          :8/30/Sa and returned to Florida, the next trip planned for sometime with
          :Belinda at the end of the months, after my medical checkups on 9/23.
          :Anne did not look as well as when I saw her the last time but still made
          :an effort to depart with a smile when I was ready to return.  By then,
          :Amazon had delivered a review copy of my book to Femsi's and I
          :showed it to Anne. She liked it.
          :It was not to be.  Femsi was having difficulty controlling Anne, who was
          :getting up on her own--and fell at least once--taking out the oxygen tubes
          :out of her nose, not taking medicine, etc.  Femsi was concerned that if she
          :could not control Anne, she would have to submit her to a nursing home,
          :thus jeopardizing the $125,000 Anne intended for Belinda.
          :On 9/7/Su, Femsi said I should come to help her with Anne.  I had slept
          :maybe from 4:30am to 7:30am when we were talking in the eve.  She
          :suggested that I get a good night's sleep and then come the next day.
          :So I went to bed early, but could not sleep.  Something urged me to get
          :up and within 30 min. be on the road to WV at 8pm, a 13-hour drive.
          :I arrived at Femsi's in the morning of 9/8/Mo.   Indeed, Anne was
          :not following Femsi's directions, refusing oxygen, other medicine, food,
          :drinks, and pushing hard to get up on her feet.  She seemed incoherent;
          :I was not sure she even recognized me.  No, Anne was not incoherent!
          :She felt Femsi was prolonging her life with artificial means, and so was
          :vehemently objecting, thus practically she was set to end her terminal
          :condition.  This way she would also avoid being taken to a nursing home,
          :which might have jeopardized the $125,000 she left to Belinda.
          :For 2 days Anne strained her heart (by pushing hard against Femsi and
          :me), and by denying oxygen to her lungs.  On the 9th, she took a
          :sleeping position on her bed;  Femsi was watching TV; I laid down on the
          :sofa, but became restless.  At 10:40, Femsi went in to see to Mother, and
          :screamed: "Sirman, Anne is not breathing."  I rushed in.  Indeed, our Cici
          :Kiz was gone.  Femsi called the hospice; a social worker and nurse came;
          :Femsi and the nurse washed Anne and dressed her; the social worker
          :called for Cremation Services; we decided on the local Giffin Funeral
          :Home.  They came and loaded Anne on a stretcher, and at 1:30am on
          :Sep. 10, I saw Anne's for the last time, being loaded into a hearse...
          :Femsi and I collected Anne's ashes on the 11th (Th); Gigi and Cavit
          :arrived on the 12th.  I showed her my book, in the final stages of being
          :published by Amazon, which Anne had also seen on my previous visit,
          :and I left that night and arrived in Florida the next day, exhausted.
          :Femsi and I made arrangements to meet in Fernandina on the 26th,
          :along with Belinda, to drive down to Miami and on the 27th/ 28th (Su),
          :pour Anne's ashes to Miami channel, as Anne and I had Father's ashes
          :16 years earlier, with some flowers and (this time) 4 balloons . . .
9/9/2014  Wednesday
          :Anne died today at 10:20pm at Femsi's home; I saw her last being
          :loaded into a hearse at 1:20am on Sep. 10, 14 (Th). She has graced
          :Celayirs (and the world) for 97 years, 6 months, 8 days, 22 hours and
          :40 minutes.  To us she was "annelerin annesi" (Mother of all mothers),
          :"Tompi(sh)" (an endearment), and "cici kiz" (cute girl).